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RahXephon: Complete Collection

RahXephon: Complete Collection

From the producers of Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain and Kurau Phantom Memory comes RahXephon.

It is a new reality. For 15 years, the remnants of the human race have fought against the alien Mu and their unstoppable giant Dolem; a battle mankind seems destined to lose. But deep within the captured city of Tokyo, where time flows on a different path and mind-wiped citizens do not even know that they have been conquered, there is something that even the Mu fear more than all of mankind's weapons. To find that secret, one young woman must penetrate the domed walls of Tokyo Jupiter and find a single young man, a young man upon whom the fate of all humanity depends... for in his heart lies the power of RahXephon, and with it all the worlds can be remade.

The classic anime series and its motion picture counterpart are presented here together in the ultimate version of RahXephon - The Complete Collection!

  1. Invasion of the Capital
  2. God and Man Awaken
  3. City of Two
  4. His Own Watch
  5. Narai - Kanai
  6. Obliterated Cities
  7. Day of Assembly
  8. Bitterly Cold Holy Night
  9. Small Shrine of Time
  10. Sonata of Reminiscence
  11. Kyoja Circuit
  12. The Black Egg
  13. Human Specimen 1
  14. The Boy in the Mirror
  15. The Children's Night
  16. Island of Others
  17. Return to the Labyrinth
  18. The Bond of Blue Blood
  19. Blue Friend
  20. The Artisan's Battle
  21. The Carved Seal of Xephon
  22. Operation Jupiter Obliteration
  23. From Here to Eternity
  24. Doorway to the Tuning
  25. God's Uncertain Music
  26. Far Beyond Eternity

Principle Actors

Alexandre Olivier // Allison Keith // Allison L. Sumrall // Andy McAvin // Ayako Kawasumi // Bob Biggerstaff // Chikao Ôtsuka // Christopher Riley // Cyrille Artaux // David LeMaster // Emily Carter-Essex // Eric Peter // Fumiko Orikasa // George Manley // Hilary Haag // Iemasa Kayumi // Illich Guardiola // James Faulkner // Jason Douglas // Jay Hickman // Jessica Boone // John Gremillion // John Kaiser // John Swasey // John Tyson // Jôji Nakata // Kelli Cousins // Kelly Manison // Kenji Utsumi // Kevin Charles // Kevin Corn // Kouki Miyata // Kurt Stoll // Larry Hermes // Laura Gronewold // Laura Martin // Lauren Goodnight // Mako Hyôdô // Marcy Rae // Mark Laskowski // Martial Le Minoux // Matt Culpepper // Melissa Cybele Sparks // Mike Kleinhenz // Mitsuru Miyamoto // Patrick Béthune // Paul Locklear // Randy Sparks // Robert Anderson // Sasha Paysinger // Scott White // Sean O'Neal // Shawn Taylor // Sheri Sims // Ted Pfister // Tiffany Grant // Tiffany Terrell // Toshihiko Seki // Victor Carsrud

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
DVD 480i 1.33:1 NTSC Dolby Digital
Dolby Stereo
5.1, 2.0 770 mins USA / Canada Canadian Home Video 14A

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