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A long time ago (ok about 2004) I started playing with the idea of a DVD listings system. My collection (sorry OUR) was growing quite rapidly and I wanted to put the titles I had online - largely so that I could cross-reference what I had to avoid re-purchasing. Why else?

Because I can!

This initial effort started out as a few really basic scripts that used some files I was working on in my spare time. It was going to be written in PHP, as that is what I knew and I wanted to learn more.

Ultimately it never really got anywhere. It was re-built several times and for a long time I had some basic classes just lying around. Then when I started to build Scorpio, I decided to revisit the project.

After a complete database overhaul and re-building all the objects the skeleton was in place. In fact the system was largely working from an admin perspective a few months after Scorpio was first published (the toolkit in Scorpio really helped speed admin development). However the front-end was languishing.

The problem was theme. Being no graphic designer, I needed to find something I was happy with. I found one I was initially happy with, but I was never 100% certain. In the end I found another theme - the current one: Underground; and this is what is the default theme for the system.

As for the DVD system, it has the following features:

  • Extensible property system
  • Full-text keyword searching
  • Genre relations
  • Director relations
  • DVD relations
  • Comment system (with Captcha)
  • Ratings
  • Full admin control of all components
  • Self-contained database for the DVD system (re-deployable)
  • Searching by region, certificate, genre, director, year etc
  • Lots more!

The code is held in the components section of the Scorpio project, so if you want to look over, or contribute you can! The system requires the latest version of the Scorpio framework (0.2.0 at the time of writing).

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