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This site is a list of DVD titles (movies, TV series, anime etc) that has been purchased and is owned by Dave. It has been put online as a personal reference for personal use and provides select details about the various titles to make it easier to find titles.

The DVD titles and any imagery along with the details about each one have been obtained from the physical DVD box or other source. It is being used purely as reference material. The original information belongs to the various movie studios as does any box imagery used on this site. Should any studio or studio agent have questions or comments on the list, please contact webmaster [at] madagasgar [dot] com. Please give the URI of the title and any changes will be made as quickly as possible.

Note: this is NOT a download list. There are NO files for download, NO links to downloads nor information of that kind. It is purely information about the DVD titles for reference and personal use.

Unless otherwise stated, the site belongs to webmaster @ madagasgar.com. The site design is based on 'Coolblue' originally by styleshout.com. Various icons are from the 'Silk' icons by FamFamFam and Glyphicons Pro.

This site uses data and images from TheMovieDB.

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