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2067: Isolation
Japan seals herself off from the eyes of the world in the face of unilateral international policy setting strict limits on the use of robotic technology. The island nation exists only behind a veil of seclusion. No soul shall enter. No soul shall leave.

2077: Revelation
The veil is breached. Japan is infiltrated by agents of the organisation S.W.O.R.D., a fighting force operating outside of the protection of the United States and her allies. Their mission: determine if the Japanese are developing banned robotic bio-technology, forbidden due to its threat to humankind.

In the battle between machine and man, humanity stands to suffer most.

Principle Actors

Akio Ôtsuka // Christine M. Auten // Christopher Sabat // Colleen Clinkenbeard // Illich Guardiola // J. Michael Tatum // Jason Douglas // John Swasey // Kent Williams // Luci Christian // Meisa Kuroki // Phil Parsons // Romi Park // Shosuke Tanihara // Takahiro Sakurai // Tetsuya Kakihara // Todd Haberkorn // Tomoyuki Morikawa // Travis Willingham // Yasuko Matsuyuki

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
DVD 480i 16:9 NTSC Dolby Digital 5.1 105 mins USA / Canada PG-13

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