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Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds

Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer) stars in Mr. Deeds, the hilarious re-make of the classic American comedy Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.

Small town guy Longfellow Deeds (SANDLER) goes to the big city to collect a $40 billion inheritance from a long lost uncle. Living in a palatial mansion with the services of an unusual personal butler (JOHN TURTURRO) isn't too bad. Things get even better when he meets a beautiful school nurse (WINONA RYDER). But money changes everything and things aren't what they seem.

It's up to Deeds to straighten everybody out -- with a few right hooks and lots of common sense.

Principle Actors

Adam Sandler // Allen Covert // Erick Avari // Jared Harris // John Turturro // Peter Gallagher // Winona Ryder

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
DVD 480p 1:1.85 PAL Dolby Digital 5.1 93 mins Western Europe (including UK, France, Germany), Arabia, Japan, South Africa 12

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