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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Directors Cut Resurrection

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Directors Cut Resurrection

At long last the world of Evangelion is re-presented in an astonishing new DVD special edition! It's not just a re-master, but a revised and re-edited special edition produced under the careful supervision of the original creators to include amazing new footage and revelations. The penultimate three episodes of the epic animation masterpiece are herein presented on a single DVD, in both their new and original forms, for the ultimate Eva experience. The keys to the mystery have never been clearer as the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and the Evangelions must once again race to defend the Earth from a host of Angelic invaders. The end of the world is nigh in the first of two very special director's cut releases of Neon Genesis Evangelion - Resurrection!

Principle Actors

Allison Keith // Amanda Winn Lee // Circe Luna // Enrique Cervántes // Enrique Mederos // Enzo Fortuny // Guil Lunde // Irwin Daayan // Jason Lee // Jessie Conde // Jesús Colín // Kendra Benham // Maru Guerrero // Matt Greenfield // Miguel Ángel Gligliazza // Norma Echavarría // Olga Hindey // Paco Mauri // Pedro de Aguillón // Spike Spencer // Sue Ulu // Tiffany Grant // Tristan MacAvery

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
DVD 480p 1.33:1 PAL Dolby Stereo 2.0 150 mins Western Europe (including UK, France, Germany), Arabia, Japan, South Africa 12

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