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27 Dresses

27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl lights up the screen in this charming romantic comedy from the screenwriter of the Devil Wears Prada. Heigl stars as Jane, a romantic, completely selfless woman who's been happy, helpful bridesmaid no less than 27 times. But her own fairy-tale wedding seems to be nowhere in sight, until younger sister Tess captures the heart of Jane's boss - with whom she's secretly in love - inspiring Jane to change her 'always a bridesmaid' destiny.

Principle Actors

Edward Burns // James Marsden // Judy Greer // Katherine Heigl // Malin Akerman

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
DVD 480i 1.33:1 NTSC Dolby Surround 5.1 111 mins USA / Canada Canadian Home Video PG

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