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Elfen Lied: The Complete Series

Elfen Lied: The Complete Series

University students Kohta and Yuka (Kohta's cousin) save a Diclonius girl called "Lucy" when they see her naked in a beach. In fact "Lucy" is a serial killer who is being searched by the government but they are not aware of who "Lucy" really is because her personality is split.

Principle Actors

Chihiro Suzuki // Emiko Hagiwara // Hitomi Nabatame // Jôji Nakata // Kinryû Arimoto // Mamiko Noto // Maria Yamamoto // Masakazu Kohara // Osamu Hosoi // Sanae Kobayashi // Yuki Matsuoka

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
iTunes 480p 1.78:1 NTSC Stereo 2.0 312 mins Canadian Home Video 18A

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