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Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After

Rumpelstiltskin tricks a mid-life crisis burdened Shrek into allowing himself to be erased from existence and cast in a dark alternate timeline where Rumpel rules supreme.

Principle Actors

Antonio Banderas // Cameron Diaz // Craig Robinson // Eddie Murphy // Jane Lynch // John Cleese // Jon Hamm // Julie Andrews // Kathy Griffin // Kristen Schaal // Lake Bell // Mary Kay Place // Meredith Vieira // Mike Myers // Walt Dohrn

Media Formats

Type Video Audio Runtime
Resolution Aspect Ratio Signal Encoding Channels
DVD 480i 2.35:1 NTSC Dolby Digital
Dolby TrueHD
5.1, 7.1 93 mins USA / Canada Canadian Home Video PG

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